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         Sometimes a product can remain virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, until a ash of inspiration leads to a
                                  revolutionary innovation that changes an industry forever.

                                           This is the story of one such moment.

         Drew McGill and Stan Wright owned the Wright & McGill Co. in Denver, Colorado. Their company was known for
       tying high-grade shing ies, a passion of Drew’s. On this fateful day in the 1920’s, Drew took a break while y shing
                                                    the Colorado River.

       While the rainbows and native trout were rising, they were proving exceedingly difcult to hook. Lighting his pipe and
         reecting on ways he could improve his technique, Drew’s attention was drawn to one large eagle circling lazily
        overhead. As the bird landed atop a nearby dead cottonwood, Drew noticed how the tips of the bird’s talons lightly
                                           gripped the weathered, stripped limb.

                       Suddenly Drew had an idea: what if his hooks were shaped like an eagle’s talon?
          Using a pair of shing pliers, he slightly curved the point of his hook, giving it the angle needed to penetrate the
       leather of his shing creel. He spent the rest of the day testing different shapes and sizes until an afternoon thunder-
                                              storm drove him from the river.

         Drew returned to his y factory in Denver and immediately started rening his design. He envisioned a hook that
         would exert greater penetrating power in the direct line of pull of the leader. It wasn’t long before he created his
         masterpiece, a hook that would change the way people shed forever, with sweeping curves and sharper points,
                                       forged for strength and greater hooking power.

                                    What else could Drew and Stan call it but Eagle Claw?
       Today, the Eagle Claw family of brands is the most recognized in all of shing. We still make our world-famous hooks
                           in Denver, and are proud to be the only brand made in the United States.

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